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H03 - Application and checklist for scheme membership

Landlords Declaration

  • I have read and understand the Landlords Code of Practice.
  • I have completed the Property Ownership Portfolio details.
  • To the best of my knowledge and belief the information in this application is correct.
  • I authorise publication of my details in the agreed format on the council's website.
  • I authorise for my properties to be advertised on the "Homefinder Somerset" website.
  • I authorise the relevant local authority to make an assessment and substantiate my claim that I am a "fit and proper person".
  • I consent to my properties being available for inspection when necessary.
  • I understand that the local authority can withdraw or change the benefits of the scheme without prior warning.
  • I consent to my information contained in this application to be entered onto the Accredited Landlords in Somerset database.
  • I confirm that I will update the local authority annually of any update in ownership and/or portfolio by completing the update form.
  • I have applied for an HMO Licence, if my property is licensable.
iCM Form
    1. I would like to apply to be a member of Accredited Landlords in Somerset and have will provide the following:

    2. How did you hear about Accredited Landlords in Somerset Scheme?

  1. Declaration
    1. I/We undertake to abide by the code of practice and to supply the Local Authority with any information required, in connection with the accredited properties.

      I/We aggree that the Council may withdraw accreditation and remove the Certificate of Accreditation from the property concerned if any of the conditions provided in connection with this declaration are breached.
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