Housing Standards

If you have a property to let and you are unsure of what the law says about the condition, you have an HMO, you have received a complaint from your tenant, the SWeLT team can provide you with advice and assistance.

Housing, Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

Is the inspection of a property looking at Hazards in the home.

UK Entry Clearance

If you hold a work permit and intend to bring a spouse or dependent child to this country you need to apply for an Entry Clearance.

Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

If you own an HMO in the Somerset West Private Sector Housing Partnership our Housing Standards team are available to advise on licensing, fire safety, property conditions and management standards.

Damp and Mould Problems

Information on the right hand side of this page will assist you in controlling / alleviating the conditions that cause the problem. Also keep a record on the diary sheet that we have provided to keep a record of your daily activities around the home. This may assist in identifying and linking which household activities produce moisture causing the condensation, and enable you to take the necessary remedial action(s) to prevent a recurrence. If you need to make a complaint to the Private Sector Housing Team they will request that you keep a diary for 14 days and then return the evidence to the case officer for analysis before deciding on the course of action needed.